F. Engel celebrated its 90-year anniversary in 2017

F. Engel - Since 1927

Inspiration from construction workers in USA lead to the start of F. Engel
Carl J. Engel senior had just visited USA, where he had noticed the special denim clothing construction workers used. He was inspired to introduce this back in Denmark, and brought home a pair of Bull Denim overalls from USA. This marked the beginning of one of Denmark’s first workwear manufacturers.

F. Engel has grown today into a multi-million euro company with exports throughout Europe
Since its humble beginnings, F. Engel has evolved to rank among the best suppliers of workwear. In addition to ENGEL Workwear, the company manufactures and sells menswear and profile clothing from SUNWILL, and hunting and outdoor wear from DEERHUNTER. The latter was appointed a Purveyor to HM the Queen in 2009.

The F. Engel international clothing company, based in Haderslev, Denmark, celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017 with growth aspirations and strong financial results. A glance at the financial statements for 2016/17 shows net revenue of just over DKK 333 million and profit before tax of more than DKK 26 million. Over the two years the company grew by 13 per cent.

The company celebrated its 90-year anniversary in November 2017, with festivities for all employees and their partners in Haderslev and in its factories in Lithuania.

90 year's experience

Design, production and sales to professionals

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