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SUNWILL is part of the Danish family-owned F. ENGEL textile company, which has designed, manufactured and sold functional workwear since 1927. It has grown into a multi-million euro company with exports throughout Europe.

The SUNWILL brand is built on proud traditions and strong values, and has developed since its inception in 1963 into an international company with a sharp focus on high-quality menswear.

SUNWILL – we focus on fit, quality, service and delivery

  • We design, develop and produce fashion clothing for quality-conscious men aged over 30
  • We design custom profile clothing and uniforms for the service, industry and transport sectors
  • We have many variants, and a wide range of colours and sizes
  • We are flexible, because we have our own production facilities in Lithuania
  • We never compromise on the details
  • Personal advice from your sales representative and internal sales

The SUNWILL division is also behind the brand IN-CA pants, which produces nice pants with elasticated waist for the older segment.

product development

We don’t just mass produce clothing without thinking about how useful it will be. We go to great lengths to make clothes that provide the perfect fit.

We were known for many years as the trouser specialists, but today we offer much more. In addition to trousers, we have added suits, blazers and dinner jackets to our collection.

In-house menswear production in Lithuania

F. Engel has had its own sewing workshops in Lithuania since the 1990s. Thanks to the close relationships and short shipping times, we can ensure excellent quality and delivery every time.

We are never willing to compromise – in relation to our products, employees, partners or customers. The result is flexible work processes and the ability to tailor the clothing to meet specific requirements in the various markets.

Quality control

We always perform a double quality check. First the clothing is checked at the factory by professional inspectors, and then random checks are conducted at the warehouse in Haderslev.

International inspiration

A perfect fit is not enough if the cut, fabrics and colours fall short of contemporary trends. SUNWILL’s design team visits fashion and textile trade fairs in Europe to find inspiration for future collections, but also draws inspiration for innovation and design from chance individuals on the streets of London, Paris or Milan.

The creative design process starts in Haderslev, where a team with a mix of different competencies sits down together to ensure that the collection is in line with SUNWILL’s traditions. Drawings and fabrics are then sent to our factories in Lithuania, which turn the proposals into finished products.


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Online orders for your store using our time-saving solution

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  • Drop Shipping – Delivery to the store or customer
  • End customer solution
    • Profile clothing with logo
    • Flexible configuration options

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SUNWILL Image Bank

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