F. Engel K/S
Søg Uopfordret

F. Engel K/S is welcoming all incoming job applications. Please include your CV in the job application that you are forwarding. All applications will be treated confidentially.

The incoming job application will be read by a person from our HR department, who will read the application and matching it to an existing position within the company. It he/she will succeed in a match, the application will be forwarded to a team leader and this person will look at your application/qualifications. If you have forwarded an application you can be certain that you always will be receiving an e-mail / or a call with a confirmation of the fact that we have received our job application.

Please forward your application in either a word format or as PDF file to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by letter to:

F. Engel K/S
Norgesvej 12
DK – 6100 Haderslev
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