F. Engel K/S

In the company F. Engel, responsibility is an integrated part of our corporate identity. We act out this identity every day within a lot of our fields:

- Environmentally-friendly materials are important parts of being a ‘green company’. Consequently, considerable parts of the F. Engel workwear have been certified according to the international textile health labelling Oeko-Tex.

- Power consumption is one of the main causes of the global CO2-emission problem. Consequently, we do our best to minimise power consumption.

- Recycled materials imply lots of possibilities. F. Engel is a member of Recycling, ’Der Grüne Punkt’ as well as Interseroh, taking care of recycling of our packaging.

- Our business practice states, among other things, that neither we nor our sub-suppliers are allowed to use child labour. Please read our Code of conduct.

- First aid is decisive if an accident occurs. Consequently, several of our employees have participated in our first aid courses.

- Health does also comprehend a certainty that our health is in good hands in our work place. Consequently, we have a company health insurance ensuring quick aid if needed.

- Companies against cancer are the name of an anti-cancer organisation, supported by F. Engel. The money is used for research, prevention as well as support for cancer patients and their relatives.