F. Engel K/S

In 1927, the textile company F. Engel was founded. Mr Carl J. Engel senior had just been on a visit to the USA where he noted the special denim clothing used by construction workers. He took inspiration from it and decided to introduce it in Denmark which is why he brought a pair of Bull Denim-overalls home from 'over there'. This was the start of one of Denmark’s very first workwear manufacturers.

Subsequently, development speeded up. In 1964, F. Engel entered fashion business. At first, it was a series of men’s trousers called IN-CA, later the brand Easy Line and, in 1990, it was the purchase of the Sunwill brand.

The workwear production has also been developing rapidly with the purchase of the exclusive WorkZone workwear in 1996.

Mr Carl D. Engel’s very big leisure passion, hunting, resulted in 1985 in the founding of the exclusive hunting clothing Deerhunter.

Today, our group is divided in three strong and independent divisions: The workwear division, the men’s clothing division and the hunting & outdoor division. We are 120 employees in Denmark and we manufacture our products in our own dressmaker’s workrooms in Lithuania.

The textile group F. Engel is today run by the 4th generation of the family and the brand is stronger than ever. We can thank two things for this success. Our ability to constant development as well as a firm conviction to stand on our traditions on non-compromising high quality.

"A Danish family owned company founded in 1927, today run by the 4th generation"