F. Engel K/S
Company Facts

The company F. Engel is located on two different locations in Haderslev, Denmark. Our administration building is located on Norgesvej where we have our workwear stock. On Simmerstedvej, Deerhunter has its head office with adjoining stock. Furthermore, F. Engel has warehouses in Bøndergårdene.


F. Engel has two factories in Lithuania consisting of 1,600m² production and storage areas in Utena as well as 5,000m² production and storage areas in Zarasai.

Historic key figures

2016: The Predator series is developed for the professional bow and rifle hunter
2015: IN-EQ camouflage is created on the basis of solid experience and science – and is designed for use in both lowland and highland terrains
2015: In connection with Deerhunter's 30th anniversary, the company launches its new high-end product: "Mouflon", which is awarded a prize at BETA International
2014: A partnership is established between Zeiss & Blaser and Deerhunter®. Epuipt pixel camouflage in Flaming Blaze is developed with a view to combining functionality and safety in a single product!
2013: Deerhunter® develops its own "GH Innovation camouflage" with depth and strong contrasts, which makes it particularly suitable for most vegetation types in northern and southern Europe
2012: F. Engel 85 years anniversary
2012: The newly developed technology gives rise to "Equipt pixel camouflage". The pixelation adapts to the shapes and colours of the countryside, and, like a chameleon, blends into its surroundings
2011: WorkZone launches new product range Tech Zone
2011: Deerhunter® celebrates its 25th anniversary, and is now represented in more than 30 markets. The five-year Deer-Tex membrane warranty is introduced after 12 years of testing and quality approval
2010: Almati is the first high-tech hunting outfit developed for the young and active hunter. Anniversary series: "Since 1985" is developed in connection with the company's 25th anniversary
2009: Deerhunter® is nominated to become purveyor to Her Majesty the Danish Queen and the royal Danish court
2008: WorkZone launches a new tri-colour collection
2008: "DXO by Deerhunter" in tweed is developed for the Scottish highlands
2007: Deerhunter® develops its own "Innovation Blaze camouflage" to ensure hunters' safety. The pattern is Innovation-40 camouflage, just with an orange signal base colour
2006: In addition to northern Europe, Deerhunter® expands into southern Europe and east Asia
2006: New domicile on Norgesvej in Haderslev
2005: Deerhunter® develops its own Innovation-40 camouflage which, thanks to its 3D effect, highlights the many shapes and shades found in nature from ground to bird height
2004: Launching of FE Enterprise
2004: The well-known Smallville series with Hitena® reinforcement is launched
2003: The well-known Huntsville series is launched. Leather is now combined with other fabrics
2002: Deerhunter® launches the well-known Montana five-in-one series, as well as Rusky for the extremely cold environments in Russia and Kazakhstan
2001: The well-known Ram series with Stormliner and integrated cushion is launched, and proves a huge hit
2000: Re-launching of WorkZone
2000: 3M Thinsulate insulation is added to the collection
1999: Launching of ENGEL Colour
1999: TV Spot on Easy Line
1999: Outlast® technology, which was originally developed for NASA, is added to the Deerhunter® collection
1998: First camouflage set "Alabama" in Realtree's X-tra Brown camouflage
1997: Deerhunter® is the first manufacturer in Denmark to launch hunting wear with camouflage
1996: Acquisition of WorkZone Workwear
1996: Safety is now incorporated as an integral part of the Deerhunter® design philosophy
1995: Enlargement and automation of central warehouse
1995: The collection sees strong development to cater for different climates and vegetation
1994: Lars C. H. Engel is appointed manager of the Deerhunter® division
1993: Microfibre is added to the Deerhunter® collection
1992: Deer-Tex® membrane is introduced to the collection
1991: The Africa series is launched in honour of the company's founder Carl D. Engel, a passionate big game hunter
1990: Acquisition of Sunwill, one of the most considerable exclusive trouser brands in Denmark
1990: Deerhunter® is among the first companies in Denmark to incorporate microfibre in its clothing
1989: Deerhunter® expands outside Denmark into Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden
1988: Deer-Tex® membrane and loden cloth are included in the collection at Deerhunter®
1987: Moleskin is a hit at Deerhunter®
1986: Pile and quilting is transferred from workwear to hunting wear
1985: The brand Deerhunter® was established as a result of the Engel family's passion for hunting
1968: Modernisation and factory enlargement
1964: Start-up of production / sales of Inca and Easy line men’s trousers
1927: Start-up of production of original workwear, overalls, jeans etc.