F. Engel K/S
Code of Conduct

F. Engel K/S supports social responsible partners and we therefore list some reasonable working conditions. F. Engel K/S has here set up the conditions that must be held by the supplier when producing F. Engel orders.

F. Engel K/S forbid their suppliers and the suppliers’ subcontractors to have any children working.
F. Engel’s suppliers must meet the following demands concerning employees:

  • The minimum age of a worker must not be less than 15 years (14 years in countries where the organisation of employers and workers allow it), according to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) convention.
  • No illegal workers or forced workers must be used.

Working conditions
Due to human rights, F. Engel K/S requests their suppliers to respect the following points concerning the human conditions of the workers:

  • Workers must be treated with respect independent of religion, race, sex, political opinion or social origin.
  • Overtime must be voluntary and according to local laws.
  • Payment must be minimum as prescribed by the local law, and paid regularly and on time.
  • Stipulated maternity leave in case of pregnancy according to local laws.
  • No corporal punishment and harassment of any kind are accepted.

Working environment
F. Engel K/S requires a certain standard of the environment for the workers that work at their suppliers’ factory or at subcontractors. As supplier you must therefore ensure that the following conditions are in order:

  • Fire alarms and emergency exit must be clearly marked and provided on all floors.
  • Satisfactory lightning and ventilation in the factory.
  • Temperature must be tolerable.
  • Clean drinking water must be provided.
  • Toilet facilities must be available and clean.

F. Engel K/S expect all the above mentioned conditions to be respected and reserves the right to make unannounced inspections at each factory to make sure that each supplier lives up to the requested conditions.

If these requests are not taken seriously by the supplier, F. Engel K/S sees no other solution than to cancel all existing orders and stop the collaboration immediately after maximum one warning given.