F. Engel K/S
WorkZone Workwear

Good craftsmanship demands the right cast but also the right clothing. This fact was cemented by F. Engel in 1996 through the purchase of WorkZone.

The result was a brand which showed up to become leading within design of workwear.

This style offered totally new colour combinations and a modern design with a lot of smart and practical details.

We have made the workwear idea move a large step on and have added a range of functional details drawing attention to the WorkZone state of affairs as a high technological brand. We, for example, use fabrics with nano finish protecting clothes against dirt, wind and weather whereby its durability is prolonged.

Read more about the F. Engel brand WorkZone on: www.workzone.dk

"WorkZone gives quality an extra dimension through a modern design with smart and practical details"

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