F. Engel K/S
Sunwill Trousers

On a business trip across the Atlantic Ocean. At a dinner in the town’s finest restaurant. Or maybe just in your own living room a Sunday afternoon. Irrespective of the occasion, Sunwill’s collection of men’s trousers is diversified, stylish and practical.

At Sunwill, we know that the difference between a pair of good trousers and a fantastic pair of trousers is the details. Every time you go into a men’s clothes shop, you have to choose between a lot of trousers and that’s no easy task.

It is neither a simple task to design modern men’s trousers which are as well functional, of the highest quality as with lots of details.

Nevertheless, that’s what we have been doing for three generations and we make it a point of honour to create the very right details. Take a closer look at our trousers and you will know what we are talking about.

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"For three generations, Sunwill has given pride to the right details"

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