F. Engel K/S
ENGEL Workwear

In the pioneer period, America was ‘civilised’ thanks to bare fists and strong wills. The railways were made with hammers, wedges and bolts and the skyscrapers were built via cord drives and excellent climbing abilities. Those days, clothing consisted primarily of 100% denim cotton which had to stand up to wear and tear.

Since then the models have been approved with several smart details and functionalism. Furthermore, our workwear has been reinforced with the combination of polyester and cotton.

However, we do still hold on to our traditions: The quality is still given pride of place.

By now, workwear is no longer just equipment but also part of company profiling towards their customers. We are proud of assisting our customers maintaining this fact.

Read more about the F. Engel brand on: www.engel.eu

"In 1927, Carl J. Engel Senior brought the idea of strong workwear home from the USA and created the company ENGEL"

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